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About the Evolution Room Curious why you'd want to be a part of the Evolution Room? Here's why...

Evolution Room is the environment where you go from stuck to unstoppable. It’s the place where you evolve into the person you were meant to be and the entrepreneur you’ve always imagined yourself as. This is the place people come to breakthrough plateaus and achieve the success they’ve always desired and deserve using techniques backed by scientific results. It’s here that we empower people to get out of their head and into action and provide the missing link not just for growth, but transformational success.

At Evolution Room we teach our clients not just how to lean into being uncomfortable, but how to embrace it. When we change the way we look at ourselves, the world changes too. We’re always the common denominator. We believe that time gives no refunds so it’s critical you start creating intentional, consistent results in your life and business today. We’ve got the resources and tools for the trade. You only need to bring your potential.

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Working with Corryn will get you:

  • From Stuck to Unstoppable
  • Access to our workshops
  • Increased Sales & Income
  • Breakthrough success
  • Reach peak performance
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If so, then working with Evolution Room is your best bet to generate breakthrough results.

Evolution Room is the space for you to evolve into the person and the entrepreneur you’ve always imagined yourself being.
So many entrepreneurs show up unintentionally in their business and get unintentional results, leaving them burned out, overwhelmed and wasting their precious time. We are here to help you do the opposite.

We get that time gives no refunds and are here to help you create intentional and consistent results in your life and business by giving you the tools, resources and environment to perform at your full potential.

About Me

Meet Corryn, your NLP leader.

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Corryn became a Certified NLP Trainer in Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), then launched Evolution Room to help visionaries, change makers and entrepreneurs transform to perform at their best.

She hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration emphasis in Finance from San Diego State University and is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, NLP Master Coach, and a Successology Certified Coach.

She knows what it feels like to want more, be more and create more which is why she helps people step into their full potential. Corryn believes it takes courage to change and follow your dreams, courage you always have the choice to tap into.

Your business will evolve as much as you do. Get the tools, resources and environment to achieve the results you desire and deserve.

More About Me

The real me.

Raised by two entrepreneurs, I was taught to pursue stability, which meant a 9 to 5 job in corporate America. I attended San Diego State University and graduated with honors in business administration (finance emphasis), then landed a job working as a financial planner at Merrill Lynch in San Diego. I soon realized I was chasing someone else’s version of success and became emboldened to fulfill a greater purpose that was my own. In 2018 I finally listened to my intuition, which told me to follow my passion into personal development and create a platform to serve others.

My two unwavering cornerstones are courage and faith in myself-the courage to be vulnerable by pursuing my dream with reckless abandon and faith that in the end I will succeed. These foundations became visible once I looked at my comfort zone and leapt away from it. That was the hard part. However, I did it and not only did I survive the jump but I’ve been thriving ever since. The cherry on top is being able to serve others the same way I helped myself using the tools and resources that came from learning the science of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and applying it to get transformational results.

I give clients the tools of NLP by teaching them how to master their mindset and help them see their blind spots. NLP is the study and science of human excellence and success-how we communicate with ourselves and the world and our perception of reality. It’s about building the relationship with your unconscious mind and shifting your mindset to become more self-aware, resilient and persevere. This creates neuroplasticity in the brain, which allows people to be more flexible when emotional stressors occur and allows for an open mind, problem solving and level-head. The NLP certification Training I deliver is unique in that it not only teaches you how to master your mindset and skill set, which leads to optimal performance in business and life.

As a successful entrepreneur, NLP Master coach and trainer, I guide people back to who they truly are and what they want and give them the tools to create their best life from that space. I influence evolution by helping people see their blind spots so they can get out of their own way.

“If your goals don't make you want to throw up, they're