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Corryn is an engaging, genuine and inspirational speaker. She connects with the audience in a powerful way and is committed to the attendee’s success.

Choose from her keynote presentations or collaborate with Corryn directly to create a custom designed experience for your team or engagement.

Transform to Perform

So many Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs struggle with something - whether it’s procrastination, lack of willpower or staying “motivated” to dig in and do the work to achieve their desired success- they endlessly wonder what they are doing wrong. This engaging talk helps uncover the missing link to their success so they can achieve the results they truly desire.

In this presentation attendees will discover:

  • How our mind is a complex operating system that continually runs programs in the background which determine our specific results.
  • Expose blindspots so they can learn, grow and evolve.
  • What it means to pair an excellent mindset with and excellent skillset.
  • And much, much more!

Corryn will leave the attendees inspired to act and help the audience see what they are truly capable of achieving as well as what’s prevented them from having it all.

Corryn Evolution Room
Evolution Room

Time Gives No Refunds: Effective Strategies to Go ALL IN on Your Goals.

The biggest mistake people make is they assume they have time. So many Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs show up unintentionally and create unintentional results leaving them burnt out, overwhelmed and stuck. As an entrepreneur, business owner and sales professional being intentional with your communication, actions and mindset is crucial to your success.

This magnetic and engaging presentation will help attendees:

  • Discover the difference between being busy and productive.
  • Overcome fear and limiting beliefs keeping them from achieving success.
  • Recognize the importance of mindset and staying focused.
  • And much, much more!

Many people waste their precious time. Corryn will inspire your attendees to stop pushing snooze and instead pursue the big goals and dreams they’ve always desired and deserve.

About Me

Meet Corryn, your guide that will get you there.

Evolution Room

Most people settle for “okay” and call it living, Corryn embraces change and evolution like the High-Performance Coach she is.  

Corryn became an NLP Master Coach and Trainer then launched Evolution Room to help visionaries, change makers and entrepreneurs transform to perform at their best.   She knows what it feels like to want more, be more and create more which is why she helps people step into their full potential.  Corryn believes it takes courage to change and follow your dreams, courage you always have the choice to tap into.