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Goal Setting Isn’t The Answer

Goals are the backbone of success and are essential when mapping out a plan to get where you want to be. Always having a vision and goals to back up your vision is essential, yet, focusing solely on goal setting may not lead you to where you ultimately want to be. 

The difference between the people who achieve their goals and those that don’t actually have very little to do with goal setting. While people who set goals are much better off than those who don’t, it’s been proven that people who don’t achieve their goals still set goals. 

So, if it isn’t goal setting, what is the defining factor when it comes to those who achieve their goals compared to those who don’t?

There are many opinions out there, however, here are our top three things that will make a big difference for your 2023. 

  1. Focus on your habits. As Aristotle puts it, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. When you focus on your habits, you focus on the building blocks which will create your success. Develop successful habits and create success. 
  2. Check your circle. It’s been said numerous times we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Audit who you’re spending your time with because this will either keep you in your comfort zone or stretch you. 
  3. Mindset matters. We are the #1 person we lie to the most. We often accept our BS and just get in our way. Hire a coach to constantly have in your corner. To help you, to push you, and to work with you. 

Take these three simple things and implement them as soon as possible to make the most of 2023. We suggest, along with your goals, reviewing this consistently as you grow and evolve!