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The key to exponential growth

As someone who constantly seeks growth opportunities personally and professionally, it’s important I consistently maintain a growth mindset and insert myself in environments where I have the opportunity to learn.  It’s my belief that the more I learn about myself and my skillsets to perform at my best, the more I can turn around and help others.  To make a massive impact in other people’s lives, we must first be able to make a massive impact on our lives, right? 

Often times I attend new trainings, stay in coaching environments or read books, listen to podcasts and practice other forms of personal development, however, one of the most impactful ways I grow is through facilitating my NLP Certification Training and Success Mastery Academy.  See, one of the best ways to master your craft is to turn around and teach it.  There is an evolutionary cycle called the Learn Do Teach model, which explains the more you learn, the more you can do, and the more you can teach others which engrains your learnings at an even deeper level.  Benjamin Franklin once said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  

If you want to take your personal and professional development to an entirely new level, turn around and teach others! It’s that simple! 

Now, this past training I delivered gave me an immense amount of new learnings and I’d like to share the top 3 with you in the hopes it helps you and your business. 

  1. Often times perfectionism is masked by setting “high expectations”.  I see and hear so many business owners and entrepreneurs who set high standards for themselves and if they fail to meet them, they beat themselves up to the point of no return.  Having standards for who you choose to be and what you want to achieve is a great practice to follow, however, always remember you are human. If you’re setting standards where perfectionism is applauded over making mistakes, and learning from them, you’re creating an unnecessary destructive cycle.  Failure is only feedback, and if you spend more time beating yourself up for what you “didn’t accomplish” it actually takes away from learning the lesson that could get you the results you’re looking for.  
  2. We cannot see our own blind spots.  A majority of the problems you’re dealing with today were created by you, right?  Sure, there may be some problems outside of your control, however, when we get down to it, a majority of the problems people struggle with were created by them.  I’m saying this because we all have blind spots and it’s really hard to be a part of the solution when you’re a part of the problem.  The more people insert themselves in containers to see their own blind spots, the more opportunity for growth and finding solutions to overcome the same obstacles you’re unknowingly creating. 
  3. Laughter is contagious.  So often people think or see success as being “hard” or needing to “grind” and it takes a lot of effort.  In a society where people wear burnout like a badge of honor, I say we shift the narrative.  If you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.  Having fun and success go hand in hand, so what can you do to have more fun so you can create even more success? 

If you want to stop history from repeating itself, it’s crucial you get the lessons to learn, grow and evolve.  If these lessons resonate, take them and implement in your life and/or business today. 

Cheers to your massive success, 

Corryn Kivett