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Start here before setting goals

So many business professionals and entrepreneurs fall into the trap that keeps them on an endless cycle of achievement after achievement without actually getting anywhere. They waste their precious time taking actions that are getting them nowhere all because they don’t know what they want.

They feel as if they are taking the right steps until one day they wake up to realize they are nowhere near where they truly want to be. Then they judge themselves for not being farther along, they “should” all over themselves and beat themselves up internally.

All of this can be eliminated by taking this one initial step.

For you to have and achieve the success you truly desire and deserve you must first know what it is you want. To achieve success, you must be able to define it, right? So many people will talk in ambiguities about what they want. They say things like “I want more money!” or “I want more clients!”. Here’s the problem, if I handed you a penny you would have “more” money and I can guarantee you’d be pretty disappointed, right?

Your brain is unable to achieve ambiguity, so why would you ever set your goals so ambiguous your brain could never achieve them. Your brain needs specificity. You have about an 8-year-old running your mind, and what do 8-year old’s need? Clear specific direction, yes?

So, before you can ever truly achieve the results you desire, you must first be able to define what success is and what it means to you. Ideally, in all areas of your life so you know without a shadow of a doubt what it is you’re striving for.

Start with the end in mind and define success in all areas of your life and then compare to where you are today. Look with news on where you are today and where your starting point is. So many people will judge themselves or beat themselves up when all that does is take up the energy you could use towards creating an action plan for success. So get real with yourself, be honest and transparent on where you are today so you can plan the actions you’re going to take, the resources you need and people to get you to where you want to be.

Rather than having the cart before the horse, set yourself up for success and spend time today defining what success truly means to you so you can use your time, energy, and resources towards what it is you truly desire.