The key to exponential growth

As someone who constantly seeks growth opportunities personally and professionally, it’s important I consistently maintain a growth mindset and insert myself in environments where I have the opportunity to learn.  It’s my belief that the more I learn about myself and my skillsets to perform at my best, the more I can turn around and help […]

High performers do this well…

The crowd is going wild. The score is tied and you can cut the tension on the court with a knife. The pressure starts to build inside as I walk up to the free-throw line as the referee tosses me the ball. All that’s running through my head is I have to make this shot, otherwise, […]

Start here before setting goals

So many business professionals and entrepreneurs fall into the trap that keeps them on an endless cycle of achievement after achievement without actually getting anywhere. They waste their precious time taking actions that are getting them nowhere all because they don’t know what they want. They feel as if they are taking the right steps […]

Mind of a Champion

How many times have you hear a true champion speak with doubt? How many times do you hear a boxer say, “It will be a tough fight, we will just have to wait until Saturday and see how it all works out”? – Never, because doubt will knock you out before you even begin. The […]